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Important Rules 

1. Don't create multiple accounts

2. Don't use shared networks as free wi-fi or hotspots

3. Don't use Proxy/VPN

4. Don't use software or bots

You risk having your account suspended or deleted

How to Level Up?
To level Up, you will Need EXP points. How to earn EXP points? Here is be the list of actions where you can earn EXP points:
  1. Claim from the faucet - 1 faucet claim 1 EXP point
  2. View PTC ads - 1 completed PTC ad 1 EXP point
  3. Complete Shortlinks - 1 completed Shortlink 1 EXP point
  4. Use Autofaucet - 1 completed session 1 EXP point
  5. Buy Lottery Tickets - 1 Lottery Ticket 1 EXP point
  6. Complete Challenges
  7. Complete Jobs
  8. Claim from Wheel of Fortune
How to earn on freecryptoss.com?

You will have many ways to earn from our website. Here are some options for you :

  • Daily Login Bonus - log in every day in your account and claim your bonus (Coming Soon)
  • Faucet  (get paid every 3 minutes, $0.00045 from our faucet +1 EXP point for each claimed faucet. All you have to do, is to complete a captcha and press the Claim Reward Button)
  • PTC ads (get paid to surf promoted links  and earn $ rewards +1 EXP point for each PTC ad you complete)
  • Shortlinks ( complete shortlinks and get rewarded in $ +1 Energy Point . Energy points will be helpful for auto faucet)
  • Auto Faucet - to earn here, you will need Energy Points. As I mentioned, you must complete shortlinks to earn energy points.  For each auto faucet claim, you will receive $0.00022
  • Daily Challenges for all active members. Earn extra rewards daily by completing several tasks ( Buy lottery tickets, Claim from the faucet, View PTC ads, or Complete Shortlinks )
  • Jobs: perform tasks, complete them, and get rewarded with extra money and EXP points.
  • OfferWall:  complete surveys, jobs, or any other tasks from our Partners (BitsWall, CpxResearch, or Offers4all), and you will receive plenty of rewards.
  • Weekly Contests:  Activity contest (top 15 active members will be rewarded, with more EXP points, you will earn more chances to be at top);  Faucet Claiming contest (top 10 active claimers from Manual Faucet will be rewarded);  Shortlinks Claiming contest  (top 10 active claimers from Shortlinks will be rewarded); Offerwall  Claiming  contest (top 10 active claimers from Offerwall will be rewarded);
  • Games: 
    Weekly Lottery Prize (purchase Lottery Tickets, and you have the chance to win the Jackpot - 1 ticket=$0.01)
    Dice Game ( gamble on Dice)
    Coinflip Game (bet on Bitcoin or Ethereum and Double your bet amount on wins)
  • Wheel of Fortune (consume your energy points on Wheel. One spin costs 10 Energy points. You can win extra Energy points, EXP points, $ in the account balance, and PTC $ rewards that go into your deposit balance used only for advertising. It can't be transferred to the account balance or to withdraw them; Lottery tickets. 
  • Referrals: invite new members to freecryptoss.com, and you will earn 15% of their earnings for life. You need to be active daily to earn rewards from them.

For more details or info, you will have some useful tips on each page listed on our website.

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